Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Little Cheerleader!

This fall Maya was a cheerleader for the Riverton Silverwolves little league football! She totally loved it! She did it with one of her best friends, Rachel, whom she has known pretty much her whole life! Rachel actually lives in our old neighberhood in Draper, but they still get together almost every friday. In fact, fridays are know as "Rachy day" around our house!

Maya loved going to cheer practice, but didn't like the actual games as much, they were pretty unorganized! Her very most favorite part of the entire season was getting a cheerleader trophy which she proudly displays in her room!

Rachel and Maya
I love how you can totally see her attitude in this picture!
We may have a professional cheer leader in the making!


LeShel said...


The Willeyes said...

How fun, and so cute!

P.S. We've gone private on our blog...drop me a quick text or a note on Facebook so I can send you an invite. Mel :)

Julie said...

Love it Maya, so glad you had such a fun time being a cheer leader...