Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red Rock Challenge

This summer Mark participated in The Red Rock Challenge as part of a team with all of the guys in the Peterson family. The Red Rock Challenge is a race put on by my parents ward in which you have to mountain bike for about a mile to the Draper Temple, run a mile to Red Rock on South Mountain, climb Red Rock, then run down the mountain to the finish line. The guys all did great and Mark, being in his new athletic shape, came in first on the team!

Mark, running through the finish line
Macie Mae and MarkThomas at the finish line
Kevin at the finish lineJosh at the finish line
Mom and KatelynCole, Silly Miss Maya and Emma
Kenzie, Jamie and Julie
Katelyn, Kenzie, Jamie and MarkTHE TEAM
Thomas, Josh, Dad, Mark and Kevin
Can't wait 'till next year!!!

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