Thursday, April 23, 2009

Devil Children or Angel Children?

The other night we went to one of our favorite hamburger restaurants, JCW's in Lehi. I know, eating out...again! While we were there Matt mentioned that he couldn't wait until he was old enough to move out so that he could make the decision to NEVER go to church again! He informed us that he believes in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, he just doesn't believe in their church, meaning the actual attendance of church, not the's just too long and BORING!
With so many opinionated people in our family, this stirred up quite the conversation. Though, I have to say, as usual, Jackson and his quick witted nature took the cake! Jackson in all seriousness put on his best "devil" act and told Matt that all of Matt's children would be "devil" children, while Jackson's children would all be "angelic". With this, Jackson put forward his best "angelic" look. Matt, of course, fought this argument and Jackson concluded that Matt's kids would end up being half devil and half angel...which also came with Jackson's impression of a "half devil, half angel" child.

Just watching Jackson take the form of "devil", "a
ngel" and "half and half" had Mark and I laughing out loud! I'm sure everyone else in the restaurant thought we were crazy, but hey, who cares! It was just too funny!

Jackson's "devil" impression
Half devil...half angel
My cute "devlish" family!
Maya, always the ever-so-sweet angel!
Of course, I'm an angel!
Macie Mae-The true, one-and only half devil...
half angel!!!
She plays the part so well!!!
I love that there is never a dull moment with our kids around!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Water Fight!!!

Yay! It's off track time again and fortunately for us the weather is perfect! The kids couldn't wait to get outside and play today. I knew the weather was nice, but I had no idea it was "water fight" nice! I think the kids idea of warm weather and my idea of warm weather are two totally different things! I was completely shocked when they all came running into the kitchen soaking wet and ready to get a refill on ammo! I couldn't resist getting some pics since we have been waiting FOREVER to play in weather like this!
Macie decided to attack me while I was taking her picture, you can't see the water, but she totally drenched me!!!

The Instigator: Jackson, a.k.a. "Mr. 007"

Miss My: "Can I put my bikini on?"

Macie Mae: I'm here for the party!

Good Times and Sunshine, it's what we live for!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best Friends

Jackson and Boston
The other day Mark found Jackson and Boston hanging out in Boston's favorite spot just soaking up the sun. I love to see Jacks so happy with Boston, I especially love that smile in the picture above, it makes my heart smile! You can just feel his happiness!
Boston loves to look out the front room window and watch the world pass by, wishing the whole time he was out there in the middle of it all. It was so sweet to see Jackson share this simple moment with Boston. I LOVE the little things in life and I love capturing them and making them last a lifetime!

I think this might be my favorite picture of the day. The sweet serenity and contentment in Jackson's face is priceless, there is nothing like it. I love that look in his eyes, it makes me melt...every makes me remember why I love being his mom!Thank you for blessing me with the gift of YOU in my life!