Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Own Private Concert

A few months ago Mark and I took the girls to the Taylor Swift concert. They had a ton of fun, but were a little dissappointed that we were so far away from Taylor. We were literally only about three rows from the top of the arena (Since I opted for the "expensive" tickets in order to be close, I'm just wondering exactly where they put the people who bought the less expensive tickets)! Normally I don't think being so far away would have been a problem and the girls would have been happy to just be in the same room as Taylor, but Maya had seen the pictures of me at the Martina McBride concert where I was literally standing next to the stage! She was a little dissapointed and confused at first, but ended up enjoying the show!

Star Struck!
The music was just a little loud for Mae!
Sorry, no pictures of Taylor Swift, our camera had a hard time focusing in on such a small speck!

...So back to the private concert...the other day Macie asked if I would turn on some Taylor Swift music so I did and the next thing I knew Macie was putting on a concert on the kitchen counter!

Warning: This video is sideways ( I always forget I have to keep the camera straight when recording) and kinda long, but very cute!

Sing away!

Slapping hands with the "fans"

Sinking into the trap door on the stage!

Collecting flowers from the fans!

So Fun!!!


Katie said...

She is so stinkin cute!!!

LeShel said...

super cute.... Love her smile and fun attitude.