Sunday, March 29, 2009

What A Cutie

Maya looks so stinkin' cute and grown up in these pics, I can hardly stand it! She also had a famous Aunt Danielle cut, in fact we cut nearly 10 inches off! Her hair is still so long that you can hardly even tell! I love this new dress and sandals...they totally fit her personality, not to mention the sunglasses! So CUTE!!! She's my little Maya pie, Swiss Miss doesn't get much better than this! Love you baby!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is why we go to vegas for haircuts!

When Macie decided that she was going to be a "hair cutter" before ever going to cosmetology school and decided to be her own first client everyone's first question was, "What are you going to do, where are you going to take her?" Which was kindly followed by, "Oh, she will look so adorable with a cute little bob!" What?! Two secs...give me a minute to compose myself...Are you K I D D I N G me?! There is absolutely no way I am taking my little girl anywhere to have her hair chopped off!!! If you know me then you know hair is not just a little thing! Fortunately...well maybe girls have adopted the same opinion. They love their hair.
The first day that Mae cut her hair I was so upset with her that I told her we
were going to have to cut it all off and she was pretty upset. Later that evening we were walking into Target, as we often do, and as usual I was carrying Mae. We happened to pass a little girl about her age who had a short haircut...I can't exactly say what kind because her hair was quite disheveled...Macie looked at her and immediately buried her face in my shoulder. She was so upset she wouldn't even talk, I, however knew exactly what was wrong...she did not want to look like that little girl. (I have to say, having the little girls hair so messy certainly helped with our little object lesson that we were learning!) At the time Mae didn't know that I had taken a closer look at her new "do" and realized there actually might be a chance at saving her luscious, long locks!
Of course I also knew that in order to save those long loc
ks we would have to visit Danielle in Vegas - she is the only person who is allowed to touch our hair. As luck would have it we didn't have any trips to Vegas planned for at least 2 months, but I didn't care...we would wait. So we stuck to pulling her new side "thing" into a clip or wearing ponies everyday.
Fortunately, Danielle made a quick trip to Utah this past weekend and...viola..problem solved! Macie now has her beautiful flowing locks and you can't even tell she hacked away at them!
Thanks Danielle! We love you!
Just a reminder of what Macie's hair looked like beforeAnd After!!!*Don't ask me what's up with her smile, cause quite frankly I have no idea!*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Day of Spring!!!

The girls and I were so HAPPY that the first day of spring FINALLY arrived and that it actually turned out to be a WARM day! They had so much fun running around the yard, jumping on the tramp and cruising the neighborhood in their mustang! The rumor is that the warmth won't last long so we took full advantage of soaking up the sun before it is chased away by the crazy Utah weather!

Macie, Brynne and Maya

Macie Mae
(Don't you love her ensemble? She is now dressing herself and has found a style all her own! I know I should do something about it, especially when she goes out in public or to church with a WAY cute dress only to be accessorized with some sort of odd, random sweater/jacket, bright striped ankle socks and a totally unmatching beanie on her head, but I've learned something I wish I would have learned years ago...What does it really matter? Other people's opinions certainly don't so just let her have fun, express herself and let her discover who she wants to be!)

Brynne and Maya

I wish I had pictures of Matt and Jacks to share, but Matt has now hit the "I'm too cool to hang out with my family stage" and is never to be seen around our house and I just couldn't keep up with Jackson to even get a shot of him! He had, I don't even know how many friends over, and they were all running wild shooting at each other and who knows what else. Boys are just wild and FULL of energy...I'm just glad that they are now able to release all of that energy outside rather than up, down and around our 2 different staircases...that is a sight to see and something you don't even want to hear! (I love it though, I wouldn't have it any other way!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Mommies

Macie was so excited on Christmas morning when she ran downstairs to find that Santa had actually really brought her the Baby Alive doll that she had been wanting for months. She was able to sit on Santa's lap a couple different times before Christmas and each time she saw him she would say all she wanted for Christmas was a doll that eats and drinks and really pees and poops! She would also always end with, "and a pink rope for Boston!" What a sweetheart, being so concerned about Boston and what he wanted for Christmas!

You can only imagine the devastation two days after Christmas when Macie found "Cindy" (I think it's supposed to be Sydney, like our cute neighbor girl, but after only two days with her in the family the best I could decipher was Cindy!)...anyway...the devastation when Macie found Cindy mauled and abandoned on the floor! Poor baby Cindy had bite marks all over her and her face was completely torn to shreds...her skin was literally lacerated and peeling off in huge chunks! Definitely abuse! Committed by none other than our infamous chewing, property destroying Boston! I think he must have been feeling jealous when he climbed up on Macie's bed and viciously attacked Cindy! Mae was so upset, I think this is the last Christmas she will ever be concerned with what Boston wants for Christmas!

I was so furious! I so wanted to make everything better and replace her sweet baby, but I was not about to just go out and plop down sixty bucks on a new baby! Heck...that's why Santa is the one who brought it in the first place!

As always, life went on and we survived life without Cindy, but Mae would always talk about her and how she was going to ask Santa for a new Baby Alive next year. How sad! So the other day we were at our favorite store, Target, and I saw a Baby Alive that was just like Mae's other one and it was on clearance! Of course I bought it, I'm a bargain shopper!

This is the video of Macie and Maya feeding Gabbrie (short for Gabriella) for the first time...they are going to make the BEST mommies someday!

Have I mentioned recently that I want to have another baby? Umm, SCRATCH that idea! Fifteen minutes of feeding and taking care of a peeing, pooping fake baby is enough for me! It totally reminded me of exactly why I decided no more babies!

Maya and Macie, on the other hand, loved it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My First Digital Scrapbook Layout!!!

Over the last couple of month's I have been taking a digital scrapbook class using adobe photoshop elements. It has been way fun, but there is so much to learn - it's crazy how much you can do! I have been collecting papers, embellishments, alphabet letters, etc. off websites that offer free scrapbook material downloads. There is so much, it's overwhelming! I'm really excited because I found a company that will actually have a "tutor" come to your house and give you personal, one-on-one instruction, I can't wait! This is my first actual layout, the word is that digital scrapbooking is much easier and faster than traditional, but this baby took me three days! I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm sure in time I will look back at it and wonder what I was doing, just like I do now with my first traditional pages!!!