Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a great Halloween!!! The kids were off track so Matt and Jacks were able to play at the tree house with their friends and, of course, with their PS2. While the girls were at work with Mark I was able to spend the early afternoon visiting with our neighbors, the DeMie's - how relaxing! After Mark and the girls came home we went to a late lunch at one of our favorites - Red Robin! Yum!!! When it was time for trick or treating the boys informed us, in a round about way, that we are no longer "cool" and they insisted on heading out with their friends. Mark and I had a great time watching the girls run from house to house getting their treats. Macie was so funny, if someone gave her a candy she didn't like she would sit down then and there and take the candy out of her bag and give it to Maya - we wouldn't want it to contaminate the good candy! Maya tired out pretty quick, but Macie was not giving up so easy. She kept saying, "Next one!" then would run off without Maya, who was in her dress up shoes and simply could not run. She was a princess and everyone knows that princesses just do not run in their glass slippers! In the end though, the desire for more candy kept Maya going long after Macie had Daddy carry her home!

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Heather said...

The girls look so great and the boys look rough and tough. I love the story about Macie, I am not too surprised though. She is such a cutie!