Friday, March 19, 2010

Lucky Leprechaun Day!

We love "Lucky Leprechaun Day"!

Our tradition of going out for pizza on St. Patrick's Day is something we all look forward to! We also look forward to coming home from pizza and finding a trail of candy left by the Lucky Leprechaun that always leads to a fun treasure!

Jackson, Maya and Mark at Sweet Home Chicago Pizza

Jamie, Macie and Matt enjoying fun family conversation!
Rushing through the door to follow the trail...
We LOVE that the Lucky Leprechaun knows that Dove chocolates are our FAVORITE!!!
So many to collect!
Jackson spies the treasure!
Maya and Macie are more concerned with collecting the most chocolates!

Everyone is happy...except for Maya...apparently the Lucky Leprechaun didn't bring what she was hoping for!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Katie said...

haha maya:) they are so cute! love you guys!

The Willeyes said...

What a great idea! Love it :)

Katie said...

Okay so I do like seeing pictures of you all in green but I also think that I would kinda like to see new ones. PLEASE?!?!?!?!