Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Catch Up

We had quite a few milestones with birthdays this year! Here are some of the highlights!

In May Matt turned twelve...old enough for young men's...crazy! We were actually in Disneyland on his birthday so he got to celebrate with the family a few days early! He also had a party with a "few" of his friends. A girl from his class lives down the street and she was having a birthday party, too, that night. Before I knew it both parties were at our house and our yard was filled with about 25 twelve year olds! They had a great time playing night games and just running around having fun!

This face is telling me, "I know what I'm getting!"

Yep, an ipod! (Spoiled!)There are WAY too many candles on that cake!

In September Jackson turned 10...double digits! He wanted to go to Chili's for his birthday so we just decided to have his party there! We were a large and wild group, but tons of fun for a party! Jackson also had a birthday party with his friends. They had a great time eating pizza and running around playing night games!

"Finally, an ipod!"
Boys...need I say more?!
Money and IBC root beer...everything a kid could ask for!True happiness!
Definitely Jackson!

At the end of November my baby officially became a big girl! Macie insists that at five years old she is no longer the baby! She had a great day! First she got the dollhouse she had been so desperately wanting. Then she had a party with her friends. She had wanted to go bowling for her party, but I didn't know how well that would go over with a circus of five year olds so we decided to have our own bowling alley in the basement! She absolutely loved it! That night she wanted to go to Texas Road House for dinner so she could sit on the saddle while they sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She was so adorable!

So fun!
Taylor Bowling Alley
Definitely having a good time!
Loving the pinata!
Mae designed her own cake!Macie's famous picture face!
Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse!

Maya turned 17...I mean, 7 and she loves it! She had a party at the house and invited every girl in her class and then some! It was "totally" fun! Maya absolutely loves art and is constantly creating! Her portfolio and art supplies were starting to take over the house so we got her a new desk and hutch that she absolutely loves! She had no idea she was getting it, but knew it was something big because she could hear Daddy building it. She was so shocked when she saw it, she was screaming and kept saying "I'm shaking, I'm so excited!" It was so cute! Of course she chose Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the spotlight during the birthday song!

One very happy birthday girl!
The party cake...made of cupcakes!
Party Girls!
Pinata time!Fishing for party favors!
"The" desk!So excited!
Loving Texas Roadhouse!
Maya's "custom order" cake from Aunt Kellie
One year older and wiser, too!


Hilarie said...

That's fun to have all of the birthdays for a year together on a post. You're such a fun Mom! Maddy had a fun time at Macie's party.

The Willeyes said...

Awesome, and yours and Marks mixed in there too :) Looks like you all had a blast. What a fun mom!