Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is why we go to vegas for haircuts!

When Macie decided that she was going to be a "hair cutter" before ever going to cosmetology school and decided to be her own first client everyone's first question was, "What are you going to do, where are you going to take her?" Which was kindly followed by, "Oh, she will look so adorable with a cute little bob!" What?! Two secs...give me a minute to compose myself...Are you K I D D I N G me?! There is absolutely no way I am taking my little girl anywhere to have her hair chopped off!!! If you know me then you know hair is not just a little thing! Fortunately...well maybe girls have adopted the same opinion. They love their hair.
The first day that Mae cut her hair I was so upset with her that I told her we
were going to have to cut it all off and she was pretty upset. Later that evening we were walking into Target, as we often do, and as usual I was carrying Mae. We happened to pass a little girl about her age who had a short haircut...I can't exactly say what kind because her hair was quite disheveled...Macie looked at her and immediately buried her face in my shoulder. She was so upset she wouldn't even talk, I, however knew exactly what was wrong...she did not want to look like that little girl. (I have to say, having the little girls hair so messy certainly helped with our little object lesson that we were learning!) At the time Mae didn't know that I had taken a closer look at her new "do" and realized there actually might be a chance at saving her luscious, long locks!
Of course I also knew that in order to save those long loc
ks we would have to visit Danielle in Vegas - she is the only person who is allowed to touch our hair. As luck would have it we didn't have any trips to Vegas planned for at least 2 months, but I didn't care...we would wait. So we stuck to pulling her new side "thing" into a clip or wearing ponies everyday.
Fortunately, Danielle made a quick trip to Utah this past weekend and...viola..problem solved! Macie now has her beautiful flowing locks and you can't even tell she hacked away at them!
Thanks Danielle! We love you!
Just a reminder of what Macie's hair looked like beforeAnd After!!!*Don't ask me what's up with her smile, cause quite frankly I have no idea!*


Andee said...

oh man! She has got some beautiful hair!..bu either way, your kids are still adorable

Heather said...

I was one of the ones who said she would be adorable with a cute bob. WOW Danielle is great! You can't even tell! She is beautiful!!!

Jamie said...

I love the pictures and your passion for blogging. I love taking little breaks throughout the day at work to see your latest posts and the cute pictures you've taken of our family. It's nice to know our kids are safe, feeling loved and having fun. It reminds me of why I'm working hard and makes me smile. I love you Babe!!

Katie said...

The girls are so so cute!! AH i love them!