Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Day of Spring!!!

The girls and I were so HAPPY that the first day of spring FINALLY arrived and that it actually turned out to be a WARM day! They had so much fun running around the yard, jumping on the tramp and cruising the neighborhood in their mustang! The rumor is that the warmth won't last long so we took full advantage of soaking up the sun before it is chased away by the crazy Utah weather!

Macie, Brynne and Maya

Macie Mae
(Don't you love her ensemble? She is now dressing herself and has found a style all her own! I know I should do something about it, especially when she goes out in public or to church with a WAY cute dress only to be accessorized with some sort of odd, random sweater/jacket, bright striped ankle socks and a totally unmatching beanie on her head, but I've learned something I wish I would have learned years ago...What does it really matter? Other people's opinions certainly don't so just let her have fun, express herself and let her discover who she wants to be!)

Brynne and Maya

I wish I had pictures of Matt and Jacks to share, but Matt has now hit the "I'm too cool to hang out with my family stage" and is never to be seen around our house and I just couldn't keep up with Jackson to even get a shot of him! He had, I don't even know how many friends over, and they were all running wild shooting at each other and who knows what else. Boys are just wild and FULL of energy...I'm just glad that they are now able to release all of that energy outside rather than up, down and around our 2 different staircases...that is a sight to see and something you don't even want to hear! (I love it though, I wouldn't have it any other way!)


Heather said...

I love the picture of Mae! She is adorable. I remember really envying your style so she will be JUST fine :)

The Willeyes said...

I love her style...and she looks so much like Mark! Amazing...your kids are beautiful...but then how could not be...look at their genes :) Yay for Spring...even if it's only a few days at a time!