Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Mommies

Macie was so excited on Christmas morning when she ran downstairs to find that Santa had actually really brought her the Baby Alive doll that she had been wanting for months. She was able to sit on Santa's lap a couple different times before Christmas and each time she saw him she would say all she wanted for Christmas was a doll that eats and drinks and really pees and poops! She would also always end with, "and a pink rope for Boston!" What a sweetheart, being so concerned about Boston and what he wanted for Christmas!

You can only imagine the devastation two days after Christmas when Macie found "Cindy" (I think it's supposed to be Sydney, like our cute neighbor girl, but after only two days with her in the family the best I could decipher was Cindy!)...anyway...the devastation when Macie found Cindy mauled and abandoned on the floor! Poor baby Cindy had bite marks all over her and her face was completely torn to shreds...her skin was literally lacerated and peeling off in huge chunks! Definitely abuse! Committed by none other than our infamous chewing, property destroying Boston! I think he must have been feeling jealous when he climbed up on Macie's bed and viciously attacked Cindy! Mae was so upset, I think this is the last Christmas she will ever be concerned with what Boston wants for Christmas!

I was so furious! I so wanted to make everything better and replace her sweet baby, but I was not about to just go out and plop down sixty bucks on a new baby! Heck...that's why Santa is the one who brought it in the first place!

As always, life went on and we survived life without Cindy, but Mae would always talk about her and how she was going to ask Santa for a new Baby Alive next year. How sad! So the other day we were at our favorite store, Target, and I saw a Baby Alive that was just like Mae's other one and it was on clearance! Of course I bought it, I'm a bargain shopper!

This is the video of Macie and Maya feeding Gabbrie (short for Gabriella) for the first time...they are going to make the BEST mommies someday!

Have I mentioned recently that I want to have another baby? Umm, SCRATCH that idea! Fifteen minutes of feeding and taking care of a peeing, pooping fake baby is enough for me! It totally reminded me of exactly why I decided no more babies!

Maya and Macie, on the other hand, loved it!


The Willeyes said...

That is so fun! What darling girls you have...what a good mom:)

Andee said...

Those are the cutest little girls EVER!

Julie said...

I still think you should have a REAL baby. I guess for now we will all have to be ok with baby Gabbrie. They are too cute...