Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Still Feel You

I Still Feel You
By: Mark D. Taylor

I still feel you all around me in quite moments when I wake
Your laugh and smile are with me
In every sunset mother nature takes

Sitting, laughing, crying and talking late into the night
I remember you my brother
Together, your illness and it's demons, we vowed to always fight

I still feel your acceptance and the love you always gave to me
You taught me about forgiveness and told me I was tough
Then carried me when I was bleeding in places no one else could see

You shared your thoughts of God, his understanding ways
Then exercised more faith in expressing honest doubt
Never really losing the Son’s warmest rays.

I still feel your acceptance and love never feign
We confided in each other
We shared a common pain

I can still feel you my brother, your wisdom and embrace
I thought that I could save you, and hope you will forgive
My failure to act differently, to change your course and pace

I remember you existed, long before you came
I know you would have stayed if you could undue the past, even with you gone
Your forever in my heart, my brother, friend and confidant, always just the same

In loving Memory of my brother Sean D. Taylor
Sean, I kept a piece of you when you left this world;
and you took a piece of me with you. I miss you Paco!