Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's That Time Again!

Yep, as much as I wanted to pretend that summer is not coming to an end, I had to face the reality that once again my children are back in school! I contemplated running off with them to some beach house and never coming back, but after seeing how happy Jackson, Maya and Matt are with their new classes and teachers I have to admit, staying home was the right decision!

I know, I know...what a little stud muffin! Watch out girls..or rather watch out Mark and myself...I think we might have a little bit of trouble on our hands!
The first thing Jackson said as he ran through the door after his first day of school was, "I have the BEST fourth grade teacher in the whole school!" Such a relief! This year Jackson got the only male teacher in the entire school and the word was that people either hate him or love him...on the first day he told the class that he doesn't assign homework...hence the BEST teacher in whole school. I think that constitutes best teacher in my book, too!

Such a beautiful princess! The sun was shining right in her eyes and it was making her cry so we didn't get very many pics...we wouldn't want puffy eyes on the first day of school!

Maya is in first grade now and goes to school all day! It's been quite an adjustment for both of us, but she has a really sweet teacher and that has helped a lot. She has a ton of friends in her class this year, which is nice especially after having only one other girl in her class last year! The only negative aspect of first grade is the dreaded "school lunch"! I honestly don't think it's that bad, but her extreme pickyness combined with her brother's constant reminders of how "nasty" the school food is the poor girl is starving! She wants me to send a lunch from home, but she doesn't understand I can't send top ramen!

Talk about handsome! Take note of the shirt...I was actually able to convince Matt to get something other than t-shirts this year and I have to say he looks great!
I can't believe that Matt is in middle school all ready! He seriously is growing up way too fast! He is enjoying the freedoms and different environment that middle school provides. He especially loves lunch. He said it's like fast food and there's at least six or more choices, I'm glad he has something to look forward to everyday! He is definitely taking his classes very serious. My Dad wanted to take him dove hunting for a day and I told Matt it was his choice if he wanted to miss school. He actually asked my Dad if they could go on a Saturday or after school, I'm just wondering where my Matt went to because normally he would jump at any chance to miss school!

All in all it's started out as a great school year and I'm sure with the right attitudes we can keep it that way!!!


Katie said...
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Katie said...

They are all so cute and old!!! I guess Macie really needs to come stay with me so she has something to do all day while they are at school.

Heather said...

so fun and so cute!! I can't believe Hadlee and Maya are gone all day long! CRAZY

annie said...

You must be lonely with all (almost) your kids in school. What do you & Macie do with all that free time?