Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rest of Our Disneyland Vacation!

First and foremost, I have to redeem Mark's reputation and explain the infamous "Carousel" picture!
Macie loves the carousel and waited patiently nearly ALL day to go on it and when she did she insisted that her Daddy go with her. She was so excited! She watched the carousel go round and round while we waited at the front of the line. Little did we know that she was picking out the exact horses that she and Daddy would go on. As soon as they opened the gate she ran right to the horses she had chosen. She insisted that Mark sit on his own horse rather than stand beside her...so cute! Matt found it totally amusing that Mark was riding his own horse and had to get a pic of him on it...I think he plans on using it as leverage at some point!

The longest line we had to wait in was the li
ne to see the princesses and when I say wait, I mean WAIT! It was crazy, but so worth it! The girls were so excited because they got to meet the princesses individually, have them sign their books and then get their pictures taken with them. We lucked out because each of the girls' favorite princesses were there, and Macie was especially happy because Cinderella was NOT there, she DOES NOT like Cinderella! Who knows why!

Macie with her favorite princess, Aurora

I love this picture of Macie looking at Snow White, it's like she is in awe and can't believe that Snow White is actually real! So sweet!!!

Maya with her favorite princess, Belle
Maya was sooo excited to see Iradessa and get her signature and picture. Iradessa is her favorite pixie!
Macie with her all-time favorite, Tinkerbell!!!
Macie's favorite ride on the WHOLE vacation was the bus ride we took to get to and from Disneyland...Seriously!!!

The kids enjoyed Sea World, especially the boys...they loved sitting in the "Soak Zone" of every show!

Baby Sharks at the Shark Exhibit

Sharks swimming above us and to the side of us while we walked through a tunnel in the shark tank. They are huge!!!

Tired parents!
Infamous Shamu!

Matt and Jacks getting TOTALLY soaked by Shamu!!!

Macie after she got soaked! (She sat with me in the dry zone from that point on)

Mark and I at our favorite sea food restaurant in California
So delish! They have the BEST mashed potatoes EVER!!! The crab was delicious, too!

We went to Universal Studios for the first time and while the older kids enjoyed it...the younger ones, well...not so much! Frankenstein had some sort of fascination with our family and would not leave us alone. The girls were terrified of him and for some reason he thought this was funny, the poor girls were screaming their lungs out with tears rolling down their faces!

Fortunately, Dora did not appreciate the treatment the girls were receiving and came to their rescue! (This pic was taken before our Frankenstein encounter, hence the happy faces!)

Macie was too short to go on most of the rides at Universal so she spent her time getting pictures with all of the characters...so many, in fact, that they will have to have their own post!

Matt with this way cool car at Universal (I'm sure there is something significant about this car, like the movie it was in or something, but I'm not quite sure...I'll have to get that info from Matt! He sure looks pretty cute standing next to it, though! (Are you allowed to say that about a 12 year old? Oh well, he's my son...he'll always be cute to me!)

This is #2 of the only 2 family pictures we got on our whole vacation. For some reason the nice person who took it for us was more interested in taking a picture of the big globe than of us, I've already cropped out about 3/4 of the picture!!!

Every body's favorite part of our vacation was the beach. The kids loved the beach so much they said that next time we go to California they want to spend one day at Disneyland and the rest at the beach! Sounds good to me! I love our pictures from the beach so I'm including a ton! I also took a few videos of everyone having fun!

Macie making a "Sand Monster" and Maya cooking up "Mud Pie"
(Sorry it's sideways half the time!)

Matt Boogie Boarding

Mark Boogie Boarding

Macie loving the wet sand!

Macie Boogie Boarding for the first time!

Maya Boogie Boarding for the first time!

Jackson Boogie Boarding

Matt Boogie Boarding

Mom, Macie and Maya building sand castles

Maya playing in the ocean
I love how this picture captures her happy, free spirit!
(It wouldn't be Maya if she wasn't dancing!)

Even away from home, Macie can't help create interesting outfits!
I love this picture, she looks so cute and care free..."Macie Style"!

Mark and Me on the beach

Matt and Mark

Jackson and Mark

Maya and Mark

Me and Macie

My Sweet Boys!!!

I just have to say that I am so blessed to have the BEST family ever and to be able to have the opportunity to spend such amazing times together!

Our vacations just keep getting better and better. I can't wait to see what the future holds...actually... what we make of our future!!!

So Fun, So Fun!!! Can't wait to do it again! Next time we will definately spend our days lounging and playing at the beach! Beach house, anyone?!


LeShel said...

Love all the picts and fun from your trip to California. How wonderful to spend time together!

Heather said...

Finally we get to see the rest! The beach looks awesome, my kids would totally ditch the other parks and spend more time at the beach too! Tell Mark we know he really wanted his own horse :)