Monday, April 20, 2009

Water Fight!!!

Yay! It's off track time again and fortunately for us the weather is perfect! The kids couldn't wait to get outside and play today. I knew the weather was nice, but I had no idea it was "water fight" nice! I think the kids idea of warm weather and my idea of warm weather are two totally different things! I was completely shocked when they all came running into the kitchen soaking wet and ready to get a refill on ammo! I couldn't resist getting some pics since we have been waiting FOREVER to play in weather like this!
Macie decided to attack me while I was taking her picture, you can't see the water, but she totally drenched me!!!

The Instigator: Jackson, a.k.a. "Mr. 007"

Miss My: "Can I put my bikini on?"

Macie Mae: I'm here for the party!

Good Times and Sunshine, it's what we live for!!!


Andee said...

cutest kids EVER

Heather said...

Off track yeah let's play we have been off for 2 two weeks and we don't go back until May 4th.

Julie said...

So cute! Glad you are alive, I have been trying to call you since Friday!

LeShel said...

YES!! Sunshine, a great way to enjoy life!
Cute picts with adorable kids

Katie said...

Fun! I wish I was there. And Matt needs to stop hanging out with his friends and stay home;)