Thursday, April 23, 2009

Devil Children or Angel Children?

The other night we went to one of our favorite hamburger restaurants, JCW's in Lehi. I know, eating out...again! While we were there Matt mentioned that he couldn't wait until he was old enough to move out so that he could make the decision to NEVER go to church again! He informed us that he believes in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, he just doesn't believe in their church, meaning the actual attendance of church, not the's just too long and BORING!
With so many opinionated people in our family, this stirred up quite the conversation. Though, I have to say, as usual, Jackson and his quick witted nature took the cake! Jackson in all seriousness put on his best "devil" act and told Matt that all of Matt's children would be "devil" children, while Jackson's children would all be "angelic". With this, Jackson put forward his best "angelic" look. Matt, of course, fought this argument and Jackson concluded that Matt's kids would end up being half devil and half angel...which also came with Jackson's impression of a "half devil, half angel" child.

Just watching Jackson take the form of "devil", "a
ngel" and "half and half" had Mark and I laughing out loud! I'm sure everyone else in the restaurant thought we were crazy, but hey, who cares! It was just too funny!

Jackson's "devil" impression
Half devil...half angel
My cute "devlish" family!
Maya, always the ever-so-sweet angel!
Of course, I'm an angel!
Macie Mae-The true, one-and only half devil...
half angel!!!
She plays the part so well!!!
I love that there is never a dull moment with our kids around!!!


LeShel said...

Loving the story. So very real at this house. Every Sunday there are at least 4 little boys running around telling us they don't want to go to church. The second boy is the loudest and most ornery about it. Loving the sabbath!

Julie said...

So that half devil angel pic of Jackson had me laughing out loud! That is so funny. Your kids are just too cute. I hate that Matt is growing up, you can tell in that family pic he is thinking "oh my gosh mom, no pictures and please don't let anyone I know be here"....

The Willeyes said...

Hilarious! Kids always keep you laughing, crying and guessing don't they! Beautiful family:)

Heather said...

I think your children are always ANGELS...have you met mine?

Discount Divas said...

This was hilarious - I was laughing my head off!