Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes...There Truly is a Happily Ever After

Not long ago, I was talking with one of my best friends and she said that sometimes she hates looking at people's blogs because it makes her depressed to see everybody else's "perfect life". Naturally, that is what we as human beings put forth for everyone to see - all the good. We wouldn't want anyone to know that we have problems or that our life is not perfect, that might make us look weak or unsuccessful. The more I thought about it, I realized this was true and that even I was guilty of "putting on a show". I made it my own personal goal to show our life as it is - the good and the bad.

When Sean died I understood the apprehension of showing the world our "not-so-happy" side. Not because I wanted to hide it, but because it hurt. It took me days to actually write about that experience, even though I had it swimming around in my head non stop. Putting those thoughts and feelings out there for everyone to see made me feel vulnerable, everyone would see that we are not always strong and confident, we have struggles that sometimes are so hard make us question our own faith and ability to continue on.

After sharing our experience about Sean I had a hard time continuing to share our life's journey. I couldn't bear the thought of looking at our blog and not seeing his face, like I shouldn't or maybe even couldn't continue. How wrong I was.

I am so fortunate to be blessed with a husband, who during his darkest hour, has the ability to help me recognize and understand all of the amazing miracles that have come from our hardships. He has taken the hard, bad things and has learned from them. Instead of dwelling on the pain, he has taken that energy and found ways to become a better person. He has taught me that life does go on, regardless of our circumstances and it is our responsibility to decide what we are going to do with the situations that are handed to us in this life. He has helped me understand that "Happily Ever After" is not determined by our circumstances, it is determined by our attitude and what we do as a result of our circumstances.

I want my children to look back on this and see that life is full of ups and downs and good or bad we keep on going and somehow we make it through. Most important, I want them to know that they have the ability to create their own "Happily Ever After".


LeShel said...

brave, thanks for sharing your honesty.

Julie and Kevin said...

I think its good to not have perfect lives and more important to know everyone else doesn't either. love ya

The Willeyes said...

Jamie-thanks for sharing! I think EVERYONE does that...thinks that the person next door has it so easy and so perfect. Thanks for making me rethink is pretty perfect when you think about it...flaws, trials...suckiness and all.
P.S. I don't know if suck-e-ness is even a word...but it is now right:)

Heather said...

You are absolutely right! I haven't wanted to blog Christmas cause it wasn't that great. There were tons of hurt feelings and I guess regular family crap that happens. I have actually avoided it because I just want the holiday season over. Thanks for writing this, you are inspiring!

Blake and BreeAnn said...

I love your blog page! It's so cute!
How'd you get it?
& I totally agree with you on this blog...Thanks Jamie!