Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Maya!!!

Maya is finally six years old! She waited for this day for soooo long! Fortunately it turned out to be all that she wanted...and more!
For her friend birthday party she chose to go bowling. At first I thought, no problem! Then I called to book the party and realized we might have to take out a 3rd mortgage just to afford it! I told her if she wanted to go bowling she would have to narrow her invite list to only 5 people. She was so sweet about it, after she narrowed it down to her 5 most favorite friends she said she would even go down to 4 because she knew it was so "spensive". How sweet! That is one thing I just love about her, always putting others before herself. She ended up having a great time bowling over and over and over! She's great at it, she walks right up there and just chucks the ball down the lane like she's throwing a huge boulder across the yard! She even got a few strikes - granted, she did have bumpers, but hey, a strike is a strike, right?! She and her friends also enjoyed pizza, barbie cupcakes and running around like giddy six year old girls with 1 four year old joining in as if she were one of them!

Macie, Akaysha, Katie and Maya
Maya and Jamie
Mark and Maya

Maya wanted a doll house for her birthday because everyone has one except her. We kept telling her we couldn't afford it because her bowling party cost so much. She was so cute and accepting when we would tell her that, but you could see in her face this little glimmer of hope that we might be teasing her. After we got home from bowling we made her stay down stairs while Mark, Macie and I put her "present" together in her room. Macie kept telling her it was BIG, so, of course, she thought is was her doll house. I kept insisting that it wasn't, but that she would still love it - the poor thing was about to go crazy with suspense! When she finally came into her room for her surprise she couldn't stop screaming, it was the best squeal I've ever heard! She was so happy I think she almost cried!

Maya wanted to go to her favorite restaurant for her birthday dinner so we all headed out to Texas Roadhouse! She wanted to share this experience with as many people as she could so she invited Grandma Tracie and Grandpa Ed, Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Bob, Aunt Julie, Uncle Kevin and Cole, Aunt Kellie, Emma and Katelyn, Thomas, Katie and Kristin and of course Matt, Jacks, Macie and Mom and Dad. Imagine a birthday party of that size at Texas Roadhouse - presents, cake and all! Her favorite part was being able to sit on the saddle while everyone yelled "YEE HAA!" She didn't even order dinner she was so excited, she just kept asking, "when are they going to bring over the saddle?" It was so worth it, just look how cute she is sitting there!

Aunt Kellie made Maya one of her famous cakes and Maya loved it! Maya couldn't decide what kind she wanted so she asked Aunt Kellie to surprise her. Maya said it was the cutest cake ever!

Happy Birthday my sweet little princess! I hope you have the best year ever - you deserve it!


The Willeyes said...

I love kids birthday parties. They are so excited and love everything. How fun, and what a darling cake. I love the pictures of you guys with her...and she looks so much like Mark:)

Katie said...

I am so happy that Maya had a good birthday!! She was definatley the cutest girl that has ever been on the saddle. She is now six and so much older and even feels older. I love her doll house! Thank you for letting me and Kristin hang out all night and play with Mayas new toys. I love you guys!

Heather said...

I can't believe it's been 6 years since she came to your family. She reminds me of you so much!

annie latz said...

Sounds like she a had a great day! I'm sure it will be a birthday she will never forget.